Some Helpful Ticket-Buying Information
Ok, here is all the information you should need to know about purchasing a ticket on October 26. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!
  • A link will appear on the top of any page on this web site. It will take you to the product page on where you can add the item to your cart and check out.
  • If you want it now, I'm pretty sure the actual URL will be:
    If you click on it before the tickets go on sale it will just give you a message saying "Product Not Available".
  • You can pay online through Karen's Cookies with a credit card or with paypal.
  • Tickets will go on sale October 26, at 7:00pm Mountain Time (6:00pm West, 8:00pm Central, 9:00pm East). The link should be active at that time.
  • If you'd like to expedite the process of making the order and checking out, you can create an account with Karen's Cookies ahead of time. You can be logged in just before the tickets go on sale and you'll be able to check out a lot faster.
  • You will not be mailed any sort of physical ticket. Your ticket will essentially be your invoice and order number which will be emailed to you. Please print that out and bring it with you to CookieCon. If your order went through fine, but you do not receive such an email, just contact us and let us know. Sometimes email addresses are mistyped or spam filters will catch such emails.
  • If you expereince issues with the web site you're welcome to call us at 1-800-934-3997. If there are issues the line will be busy! We don't have a call center - just the one line, so just keep trying. We will keep the conversation very short. We'll simply take down your name and phone number and that will guarantee you a spot, and you can make the payment as soon as the site is back up.
  • Unfortunately we will not be accepting checks. Please pay online with a credit card or with paypal. Both options should be clear as you are checking out.
  • Please do not add any other items to your CookieCon Ticket order. If you do we will cancel them, refund you, and not ship them.
  • We will not be accepting any Karen's Cookies coupons. If you use a coupon code we will contact you so we can charge you for the difference. CookieCon is actually a separate business from Karen's Cookies. We just use the Karen's Cookies Web site to facilitate the ticket buying process for everyone.
  • Many people ask us if the tickets will sell out immediately. We just don't know. For the last two CookieCon Events anyone who purchased their ticket within a week of them going on sale was able to purchase one. But we cannot guarantee anything. Please try and purchase your ticket on October 26th if you can.
  • If tickets sell out there will be a button on the product page that says "Put Me on the Waiting List". You can click that and submit your email address to us and we will alert people on that list if anyone cancels.
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