What is CookieTown?
This year we are constructing a collaborative "CookieTown"! This Sugar Show category will NOT BE JUDGED. The reward for participating in this category is enjoying the magic that happens when we all come together to create the largest collaborative cookie display ever!

Your creativity is the limit for shapes, but we have a jumping off spot for you with our building templates (check those out below). Feel free to create your own structures as well. In our CookieTown, the scale for a regular shop or large house would be 5" (12 cm) tall, A small house or cottage would be 3-4" (7-10cm) tall, and a skyscraper would be about 7-8" (17-20cm) tall. We ask that you keep your cookies within this range so that we have room for everyone's cookies. Total area (length times width) for your cookie should not exceed 32" (812 mm).

A couple other points:
  • All cookies are to be 2-dimensional (2d). We'll provide easels and display risers for the cookies.
  • Feel free to submit up to 2 entries.
We are excited to open this up to EVERYONE who would like to participate. Does someone you know wish they could participate in CookieCon, but aren't able to attend this year? Let them know that they can create a cookie for CookieTown and send it to us to be included in the display! The completed cookies should be sent to us so that we receive them by February 15th. We will do our very best to handle your cookies with care and get them to the show in one piece. Cookies WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

If you are an attendee, please bring your entries with you. If you are not attending, please send them to:

ATTN: CookieTown
4366 E 17th St
Ammon ID 83406

Normally, Sugar Show cookies are not labeled with names because judging is done anonymously. However, with this non-judged category, we think it would be fun for people to be able to label their work. This is optional! You do not have to provide a label, but if you would like to, you may put your name and/or business name on a small piece of paper (1/2" by 2 1/2" or 1cm by 6cm) to put by your cookie. We'll also provide these at CookieCon.


ice cream shop  •  townhouse  •  office building  •  restaurant  •  igloo  •  phone booth  •  gas station  •  library  •  church  •  fire station  •  mansion  •  hospital  •  museum  •  teepee  •  theater  •  apartment building  •  landmark  •  cottage  •  police station  •  house  •  studio  •  bakery  •  diner  •  circus tent  •  outhouse  •  mall  •  clock tower  •  tree house  •  bank  •  train station  •  sky scraper  •  jail house  •  or...?

create whatever you want!
but if you'd like a few ideas,
click here to download some templates (.pdf)!
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